About ACEworks

A Creative Journey.

 It all began in 1998, a small graphic design business called S’n C Design Group was opened in a city where proper graphic design was considered an unnecessary luxury at best. In four months they already had a wide range of clientele from major travel agencies to small local businesses countrywide. They became known for their distinctive artistic approach and creativity. After two years one of the partners left the firm to proceed with visual and  fine art education, yet participating occasionally in certain projects of S’n C.

 By 2004 it became extremely fashionable in the region to call oneself a graphic designer among people who were in a possession of a computer and could manage the Type tool in Photoshop, which watered down the market and immensely lowered the quality and value of graphic design in general. And in 2005 the remaining partner who has also run a music production operation since 1996 joined ITZIK Video and Film Srevices Ltd. as video editor and audio engineer, putting S’n C on ice.

 After almost 4 years of very productive collaboration ACE parted ways with ITZIK…Ltd. dedicating all attention exclusively to music and audio production for two years straight. After reestablishing a reputation as a musician and audio producer in 2010 ACE returns to video production and graphic design at OMG MediX as art director.

 In 2012, while still running video and graphic department at OMG MediX, ACE establishes ACEworks by combining S’n C and his audio production operation and in 2015 he separates from OMG MediX to finally fly solo.

 With over twenty years of experience in graphic design and branding, thirteen years in video and film editing, motion graphics and animation, and 22 years of audio production and sound engineering, ACEworks offers a wide range of video production services. Whether you need a commercial, a music video, a tutorial, a full channel branding or a film production with creative approach and outstanding results, do not hesitate to 

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